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Many of my friends have asked me what is the core of One Love. They had asked for something concrete. I would always give them a puzzled look, and somehow, no matter how authentically I respect that question, and dig in to try and articulate the hope of One Love, I would inevitably reply, “Hmm…The core is Love. And Love is … Love.”

So, One Love is about Love. It is birthed by love¬†and it continues to love. Love people, love animals, love the environment, love everything good about life. Love through the conflicts, love through the struggles, love through the disappointments, love through the failures, love through the sadness, love through life’s struggles, and keep loving through all obstacles. Because that’s what love is. Love loves.

I don’t know if it is so much about defining the work that confuses others. For me, I guess Love arises when Love is called. I type it as a capital L, but actually it is the same as a lowercase l.

I have run out of theories and ways of organising my thoughts about love. So One Love is birthed really with no theory, nor a mind map, nor a typical organisational strategy map. One Love is a place of joy, celebration and discovery. A place to love in freedom. I suppose to love is to be free. And to be free is to love.

So I suppose the plan is for love to reveal its amazingness and for us to follow wherever it takes us!

Peng-Ean Khoo
April 4, 2016