One Love Ltd

One Love is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee. One Love exists for an inclusive humanity. One Love journeys accompaniment and celebration of life.


  1. The advancement of inclusive developmental intervention and education.
  1. The relief of those in need by reason of disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages.
  1. The promotion of health and wellbeing of persons and families by reason of disability, financial hardship or other disadvantages.
  1. The advancement of inclusive citizenship or community development.
  1. The advancement of inclusive workplace.
  1. The advancement of environmental protection, environmental improvement and wildlife diversity.


Early Childhood
School Development
Village Development
Workplace Development
Personal Development

A Family of Hearts

One Love is a family of hearts who have come together to commit, to work and to live kindness. Our planet and our humanity are ours, to treasure and renew.

One Love Board

Ms Peng-Ean Khoo
Mr Saifudin Hamjuri Samsuri
Mr Ng Ngai Kin


One Love is a TEUWB sustainable enterprise.

The Governance Approach for the Economics of Universal Wellbeing (TEUWB) is driven by a deceptively simple principle:

The ESG Economy will protect and promote ‘human dignity’. This is at the core of each of the 12 archetypal enterprises – protecting and promoting ‘human dignity’ will be a steadfast and non-negotiable governance principle.

The Sustainability Stewards of Bilberries Blue conduct research, develop and co-build – through collaborative knowledge-sharing applications and platforms – the ESG Economy which is guided by our proprietary model of The Economics of Universal Wellbeing (TEUWB).