One Love is committed to accompany one family at a time. One Love aspires to accompany families journeying full inclusion.

The Happy Heart School
We learnt to make our road of joy, that is not just our own, but for everyone. As a mom, I have blogged my personal journey of learning to be the mom I want to be, in every way, embracing every single moment that the gift of being a mom brings. This is a blog, with all the resources that I have investigated, and the insights that I have gleaned from dialogues, talks, camps, home schooling and most of all, integrating this reality with my husband and children.

This is one of my favourite stories: I Have Never Looked Back Since

Why do I not use the term ‘special needs’ anymore by PEK, a mom
for ON-OFF GRID – #2 FRIENDSHIP IN A STORM – A Parent’s Honest Reflection Regarding Trisomy 21 – Why do I not use the term ‘special needs’ anymore – PEK – June 12, 2020