Early Childhood

One Love aspires to the accompaniment of  fully inclusive early childhood journeying with parents & children in Singapore. We organise open and heartful dialogues, and deep sharing of learned experiences.

A Study of Meaningful & Practicable Full Inclusion Participation
During the early childhood years, the development of children is intricately tied to parenting, home, school environments and trusted adults. Deep healthcare and developmental intervention are also necessities, especially with the support of paediatricians, neurologists, specialists and family medicine. Pedagogy is the knowledge, and the content is actually from the choices of children, learning consequences of their actions in the world. Values and character development of safety, health, wellbeing of the sense of self who is empowered towards peace, harmony and positive contributions to society cannot formate in isolation of the core community the child is raised in. It does take ‘a village to raise a child’. After our deep investigations of many years, we understand that it starts with the commitment to the right of rights, of every child.

A Place of Possibilities for Glocal Cities: Moving Forward in a Deep Learning World – A Concept Paper for Reimagining Pedagogy, Human Development, Education and Deep Learning 
We published our Concept Paper on June 19, 2020 with the culmination of our reworking of our own examinations and reformulations since 2016. We look forward to working with like-minded & hearted individuals and organisations to serve and work for children, those who are in need, and for a society and world who can truly grasp the empowering freedom of love in enabling self- & other- care, support, opportunities and responsible and meaningful thriving participation.