Workplace Development

One Love supports the following Workplace Development accompaniments:

  1. EdCamp Singapore” by EduRetreat. EdCamp is a global initiative where more than 100,000 educators have discovered the benefits of participant-driven PD (professional development). It is about expertise not “expert”. EdCamp Singapore creates organic participant-driven professional learning facilitated by Vashima Goyal, the Founder Director of EduRetreat Singapore.
  2. Help Phulkari Artisans” by Virsā. Virsā is co-founded by a mother & daughter duo passioned action, Dr Sushma Jaswal & Ms Nivi Jaswal to enable women empowerment & participation in the international art, culture & heritage preservation, conservation & living offering of Phulkari embroidery in the fabric of our contemporary lives. The welfare and basic care of the Phulkari Artisans are also very much at the heart of this endeavour.