Workplace Development

One Love supports the following Workplace Development accompaniments:

  1. EdCamp Singapore” by EduRetreat. EdCamp is a global initiative where more than 100,000 educators have discovered the benefits of participant-driven PD (professional development). It is about expertise not “expert”. EdCamp Singapore creates organic participant-driven professional learning facilitated by Vashima Goyal, the Founder Director of EduRetreat Singapore.

  2. Help Phulkari Artisans” by Virsā. Virsā is co-founded by a mother & daughter duo passioned action, Dr Sushma Jaswal & Ms Nivi Jaswal to enable women empowerment & participation in the international art, culture & heritage preservation, conservation & living offering of Phulkari embroidery in the fabric of our contemporary lives. The welfare and basic care of the Phulkari Artisans are also very much at the heart of this endeavour.

PoPples: People of Places of Possibilities
School of Life of the Unusual Happenstance of Friendship

Through our personal sojourning and working together, we stumbled upon and made this our architecture of the ‘pedagogy of possibilities’ in a framework of character formation and economic empowerment through building communities for sustainable development.

We offer 3 core infrastructural constructs in our Communities of Character for Sustainable Development architecture:

  1. People Development: School of Life
  2. ESG Economy Knowledge-Sharing Development: Marketplace
  3. Fully Inclusive Sustainable Entrepreneurism: Opportunities

1. People Development: School of Life

2. ESG Economy Knowledge-Sharing Development: Marketplace

One Love is a TEUWB sustainable enterprise.

The Governance Approach for the Economics of Universal Wellbeing (TEUWB) is driven by a deceptively simple principle:

The ESG Economy will protect and promote ‘human dignity’. This is at the core of each of the 12 archetypal enterprises – protecting and promoting ‘human dignity’ will be a steadfast and non-negotiable governance principle.

The Sustainability Stewards of Bilberries Blue conduct research, develop and co-build – through collaborative knowledge-sharing applications and platforms – the ESG Economy which is guided by our proprietary model of The Economics of Universal Wellbeing (TEUWB).

3. Fully Inclusive Sustainable Entrepreneurism: Opportunities

We have developed a micro-entrepreneurism programme, charKOL Cottage Studios, that would enable the step-by-end, end-to-end understanding through learning-by-doing, and direct participation in the marketplaces.

We have found that there is no entrepreneurism without the daring to confront the complexities that come with relationships and money, and there is no learning and knowing unless we do. Doing is the only way to live entrepreneurism. No business school qualification can replace ground and barefoot entrepreneurism. And we have also found that sustainable entrepreneurism can be defined, and hence, it can also be personal, serving the universal.

We have also found that entrepreneurism isn’t just about instinct. It requires hard and soft skills. It is a craft, and one that we hope many will find alluring and the intricacies captivating, in order to strife and work hard to arrive at the fulfilment of mastery of the purpose of service of protecting, providing and participating in life, society and economy.