Celebration is the triumph of the human spirit over all the adversities of life. Life will necessarily invite us to grow and create, and renew. Sometimes it catches us by surprise and the growth becomes very difficult. Inner human development is necessarily a struggle as it is a personal, unique, universal creative response to the invitation of life for us to respond in our own personal meaning and offering to life. It is an opportunity for us to be courageous especially when we are feeling deeply unsure.

So when we actually get through the deep pain and struggles, it is an amazing moment. It is a moment of triumph over doubt, stagnation and stuckness. So life becomes a series of celebration if we have an inner and outer ordering to respond to the calling of inner and outer growth.

I believe if we begin to frame our experience of life as one of discovery and celebration, the joyous impetus moves us beyond the inertia. But perhaps, there is always a moment where we need to stand still, for an internal silent synthesis to take place, while we figure it all out.

When that is happening, remember to celebrate – you are courageously growing an internal stable order of joy and peace. So even if you are in a deep struggle, you already are in a triumphant moment.

Even if the form is unrecognisable, keep staying in the moment of believing, and don’t lose heart.

Peng-Ean Khoo
April 4, 2016

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