I open with Sharing. I feel sharing our lives is not really about story-telling. It is really more about opening our hearts to one another, sharing our insecurities, and then first, comforting and calming each other, and then later, thinking about how we can use our collective moral imagination, to improve the situation of challenge.

There are so many dimensions to insecurities that there really isn’t really one solution. It requires countless rounds of dialogues, iterations of thinking and actioning, that there can come a point where we can see the connectivity of the challenges presented.

It requires one page of observations and another page of openness.

And it requires pure belief to proceed.

To keep going, in order to keep discovering.

This is really the heart of One Love. It hopes to serve as a place of honest dialogues and mutual actions, to keep committing to a world that is kind and gentle, and one that remembers the joy of the gift of togetherness in living life.

Peng-Ean Khoo
April 4, 2016

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